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We cherish and enhance your health and beauty

SIROWA Group - one of the most experienced wholesale dealers of cosmetics and beauty care products of the region has been the distributor of the world famous brands.


SIROWA is currently active in 11 European countries, which are Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Germany and Austria. The company was founded in 1990 by Dr. Juergen Warzecha in Lithuania, expanding to Latvia in 1993 and to Estonia in 1994. 2003 we entered the Finnish market, Poland followed in 2008 and 2017 we started our operations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In 2022 we entered the Austria market.

Since 2006 SIROWA is working with a central Baltic stock, providing door to door service to our customers in Finland and in the Baltic States. The Baltic cosmetic stock is located in Tallinn and the Baltic Pharmaceutical stock in Vilnius. Since SIROWA is one of the oldest companies on the Baltic market, the name SIROWA is very well known among people. A lot of people who once started in SIROWA reached high positions in other companies. We believe we have two main assets, our amazing brands and our great people. Today the SIROWA Group employs close to 500 people and from the first year till today we were growing year on year double digit.

Expansion timeline


The company was founded in 1990 by Dr. Juergen Warzecha in Lithuania


Expanding to Latvia


We have explored Estonia


We came to the Finland market


We entered the Poland market


Started our operations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary


We entered the Romania market


We entered the Austrian market

Business 2 Business

We constantly improve our in-store presence and impact of our brands by implementing personalized shelves in the flagship stores.

Our marketing strategy involves “out-store” sampling as an effective tool to reach the right target. Therefore, we have sampled also where people don’t expect to get a sample – concerts, fashion events, cinemas, trendy events in clubs and cafés.


Brand Management

Brand management is organized in a way that every brand has an assigned local brand manager in every Baltic market.


Logistics & Marketing

We possess a solid consumer database for direct mailing campaigns and scent sampling by post.


Sales & Training

Upon every launch we individually present the new product to all beauty editors and we also supply them with branded PR materials.

Key Facts and Figures



Over 30 years in the health and beauty-care market



Operations in 11 countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Germany and Austria



At the moment we represent over 30 producers



Over 80 brands under our management



Over 500 employees are working at SIROWA Group



We have more than 4.500 active customers

Our Values


In SIROWA we hire people that love to be entrepreneurs. That’s the way we work. We want you to be a real manager of your business. We give you a lot of independence. We expect you to be self-driven, take initiative, make choices, give feedback and finally get the results we expect. If you love this game, this is the place you will be happy!


We love concrete and measurable results. We sometimes fail but we hate repeating mistakes. Our targets have to be ambitious but always possible to reach. That’s why we encourage exchanges and always welcome feedback from you.

Practical approach

Our procedures are rather simple. At times we may take decisions very quickly, especially when we find an interesting opportunity. All our actions must lead to the targets we set up. We don’t have a Group Headquarters, as it’s not necessary for our business. We work in our markets, with our clients and customers.


A company of Sirowa’s size can only work efficiently if we perform as an efficient team. Our common success depends on each and every one of us. We are all part of a distribution chain. The action of one person always influences other parts. That is why your own input is so important.


We value diversity and enjoy working with different types of people. We come from different countries and cultures. We are inclusive and build an environment that is safe for everybody. We show respect to people who might be different for different reasons. We make an effort to learn from different viewpoints.

Work-life balance

In Sirowa, we want all our colleagues to be happy. We want to have a challenging, fulfilling job that will bring us great satisfaction. But we understand that work isn’t everything. We want you to have time for your family life and for all other activities that you love! Balanced working hours are very important to us. At times we may ask you to spend more time in work, but we want these instances to be exceptional.

SIROWA structure

The composition of SIROWA’s management board is as follows

Juergen Warzecha
President & CEO
Oliver Betsch
Category Leader Dental & Biotechnologies
Member of the Board
Tiina Anstem
Vice President
Cosmetics & Fragrances
Edgars Antonevics

Vice President Dental

Jevgenija Belousova
Vice President Pharmaceuticals
Kristjan Sinisoo
Group Finance Director
Inga Sniega

Group Business Controller













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