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What is Pulsaar?

A "Pulsar" is an ultra-high-energy neutron star that rotates so fast that it appears to pulse. We, for one, are from Switzerland, along the Aar River, and we draw inspiration from this example of pure Swiss power. Pulsaar is both powerful and dynamic while maintaining a focused sense of calm, thanks to the river lending us the "AA" in our name — PulsAAr.

This reflects our essence: our brand acts as a guiding light, encouraging movement, agility, and speed. Pulsaar promotes victory and success, pushing you to go above and beyond your dreams and goals.

Our inspiration

The Pulsaar Active range was first inspired by our founder, Dr. Juergen Warzecha. In his spare time, Juergen is an accomplished horse rider. However, during a show-jumping event in 2021, he was involved in a serious accident and was thrown from his horse. Juergen suffered a number of significant injuries in which he almost lost his leg and broke two major vertebrae in his back and neck. Due to heroic interventions by his doctors, the worst outcomes were avoided — although they soon expressed concerns that he would have mobility.

Juergen began the rehabilitation process and in doing so became familiar with a number of different orthopedic supports. Nothing he tried made a significant difference and he had all but given up on them when our partner company, RPM Pharma, suggested he test the new joint supports they were prototyping. The approach of these supports was far superior to anything Juergen had tried before and he soon began working with RPM in order to optimize them further.

Given his injuries, Juergen was the perfect test subject for the emerging Pulsaar Active range and soon began his first steps to recovery. Juergen is now walking and running with ease and has very few issues with general mobility—an outcome none of his doctors predicted given the trauma his body had experienced.

Introducing Infra Reflect mineral recovery technology

Infra Reflect is a state-of-the-art technology that uses microscopic mineral particles to harness your body’s naturally-emitting electromagnetic energy.

This energy is then targeted back into areas of pain and discomfort in the form of infrared rays, increasing blood-oxygen levels and improving overall recovery times.

By recycling your own power source, Infra Reflect enables your body to become a self-sustaining battery that fuels your return to optimal physical performance.

Scientific breakthrough for rehabilitation

A variable thickness layer enables this performance textile to perfectly support the complex structures of the human anatomy while the seamless design prolongs comfort and durability.

A next-generation technology that utilizes body heat to aid recovery. The materials engage with the body’s naturally emitting infrared energy and could increase body temperature and circulation.

Who is it intended for?

“Pulsaar Nutrition” products were designed for people who lead busy lives: students, office workers, athletes, and anyone who is constantly on the go, for all who require a high level of concentration, a sharp mind, and lots of energy, by combining the best technologies with the latest trends.

Everyone who is conscious of what they eat and requires a high level of concentration, a sharp mind, and a lot of energy.

We understand how demanding and hectic modern life can be, which is why we exist: to be allies to all iodine fighters whose lives are hectic, full of challenges, risks, and opportunities. Pulsaar provides them with the energy they require.

Pulsaar products are also suitable for physically active people who enjoy sports and taking care of their bodies. Our natural products, which are centred on performance and success, are ideal for them.


Nut and Protein bars

Go to market strategy

“SIROWA Group” company is specializing in distribution of health and beauty products for more than 25 years in 9 European countries. As being professionals and one of the leading companies in this industry, “SIROWA Group” decided to take a bold step and dive deeper into healthy and active lifestyle trends.

At the end of 2018 “SIROWA Group” took a strategic decision to develop the sports category, as one of the key segments and trends in healthy lifestyle and become a distributor for “Pulsaar Nutrition” brand in all three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), France, Switzerland and Germany.

“Pulsaar Nutrition” brand combines in its products the pureness of the Swiss Alps and the perfect production according to Swiss quality standards, to ensure excellence for our customers in all Pulsaar products. Our brand was created to develop and make available to the market breakthrough products.

“Pulsaar Nutrition” products were designed for individuals with busy lifestyles and health and body conscious athletes, and for all who require a high level of concentration, a sharp mind, and lots of energy, by combining the best technologies with the latest trends.

Passion for nature, sport and an active life is at the core of our business. Our mission entails being able to support and enable people to achieve their highest goals in sport and improve their well-being. Our mission is to provide solutions in the field of sport and wellness through innovation, and quality products.













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