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Territory Coverage of SIROWA Pharma at this point is Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and the 3 Baltic countries.

We plan to cover new CEE markets in the future.

We are state of art and best in class Pharma distributor in the respective region.


Marketing & Sales

Department at SIROWA Pharma consists of dedicated marketing teams in each country that we operate in. They conduct market analysis and develop and execute marketing strategies for our products.

We use databases that allow us to track our sales performance and our competitorsโ€™ sales trends in the market on a regular and timely basis. We focus on sales promotions for both independent and chain pharmacies.We partner with all the major wholesalers and pharmaceutical chains in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and the Baltic region, as well as with independent pharmacies.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of products, from reimbursed Rx products to food supplements and medical cosmetics. Therefore, we apply a variety of marketing tools that we customize to the specific needs and objectives of each brand and marketing strategy.

We also attend professional events, conferences and congresses where we showcase our brands to the relevant audiences.๏ปฟ

We advertise our brands through various channels, such as TV, radio, public and professional press, internet, outdoor and mailings. Moreover, we have expertise in creating and adapting brand websites to suit different markets and customers.

Field Force

We offer effective and professional field force services for the pharmaceutical industry.

We have a team of professional medical and sales representatives in each country that we operate in. They visit physicians and pharmacies to promote our brands and close sales deals in pharmacies. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical market and can communicate the benefits and features of our products to the target audiences.

We use a CRM system that allows our field force to plan their calls and record the results.

We also provide continuous product and sales trainings to ensure that our field force is up to date with the latest information and skills.

We mostly use internal trainings as we believe that they create the best team spirit and sustainability of developed skills.

We also motivate our staff by rewarding them for achieving their individual and team goals.

Regulatory Affairs

We offer comprehensive regulatory affairs services for our partners.

We have a team of qualified and experienced Regulatory Affairs Managers in each country that we operate in. They can handle all our partner regulatory needs, such as registrations, notifications, local packages, leaflet translations and other regulatory issues. Our regulatory team works collaboratively to overcome legal challenges and differences among the markets.

We can help our partners to navigate the complex and dynamic regulatory environment and ensure compliance with the relevant authorities and regulations. Whether our partners need assistance with new product development, market access, post-marketing surveillance or any other regulatory aspect - we are at their disposal and support our suppliers.

Logistics and Ordering

We offer efficient and reliable logistics services for the pharmaceutical industry.

We have our logistic center in Selters Eisenbach, Germany (near Frankfurt am Main), where we collect most of our goods.

We transport them by trucks to our warehouses in different markets.

We handle all our goods according to GDP standards and ensure their quality and safety throughout the supply chain.

We process orders from all our clients and dispatch the goods within 2-3 days of order reception.

We use advanced tracking systems to monitor the status and location of our shipments and provide timely updates to our customers.

We also offer flexible and customized solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.


We create comprehensive and customized reports for our sales and marketing activities.

We generate reports for our own internal use and also for our suppliers based on their specific requirements. For example, we can provide monthly or quarterly reports on the sales volume, market share, and growth rate of each product category.

We can also provide detailed reports on the effectiveness and return on investment of our marketing campaigns and promotions.

We document all the activities that we carry out as well as the associated costs.

We also have a system that tracks our sales to wholesalers (primary sales) and the sales of wholesalers to pharmacies (secondary sales). This system allows us to monitor the inventory and distribution of our products and to identify any gaps or opportunities in the market.













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