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The company group Sirowa Group is one of the most experienced distributor of cosmetics and beauty care products of the region has been the partner of the world famous hair care products for professional use Wella Professionals in Estonia since 1994.

Today we are exclusive partners of the WELLA Company in 6 countries. The success story that began almost 30 years ago in Estonia now has been replicated in Latvia and Lithuania since 2011 and Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary since 2017.



Our experienced marketing teams are true experts in their field. We have the capabilities to come up with local marketing analysis and strategies or to closely follow the brand guidelines respecting the local market needs and specifics. Our knowledge of the haidressing industry that lasts over several decades with the combination of digital marketing skills are a formula for guaranteed success.

We specialize in:

  • Industry leading events, shows and product launches
  • Digital marketing: Social media owned, earned and paid media
  • Collaborations with local influencers
  • Traditional in-salon, in-store marketing solutions
  • Salon chain local activations and campaings
  • Premium retailer campaigns
  • E-commerce campaigns
  • And many more


We have dedicated sales teams in each country to ensure the local market needs are met with the fullest understanding and local market knowledge. We cover every sales channel starting from the traditional salon professional product channels like beauty salons, salon chains, individual hairdressers and professional beauty stores, and also the more modern omnichannel aproach with premium retail, department stores, e-commerce and even pharmacies. This ensures we are present with our distributed products all accross the market to be always accessible to the end consumers and one step ahead of our competition.


We believe that the beauty of the salon professional industry is encoded deep into the hearts of every hairdresser and stylist – it’s a combination of art, the passion and love for creation and self-expression, and craftsmanship – knowledge, education and high quality materials. We strive to give you the best of both – world class education and inspiration in our Wella Studios and the highest quality leading salon brands with an excellent service level of an experienced and dedicated team. Together everything is possible.

We understand the importance of haidresser education and the accessability of high level training facilities therefore we never compromise on investing where the core of the professional beauty business is - the training studios. Currently we operate 6 different world class studios that are fitted with the most modern equipment and provide the latest training programs for not only trainees but even the most experienced haidressers.

Our Locations

Riga, Latvia

Riga is the location of our first and largest studio built in 2015 that has also acquired official status of “Wella International studio” as it oftenly hosts multi-national train-the-trainer events with guests from all over the world. It offers multiple training rooms with 24 working stations and 7 washing stations that can be transformed in a theater mode for masterclasses for up to 120 spectators.

Visit our Wella Studio Riga:

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the location of the second SIROWA built studio that continued the success story of top level studios in the Baltics region. Fitted with 20 working stations it has a capacity to host events for up to 100 people.

Visit our Wella Studio Vilnius:

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn features our third Baltic studio that offers multiple training rooms and show rooms for events for up to 100 people.

Visit our Wella Studio Tallinn:

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the home for our largest Wella studio in Central Europe and the home of our amazing trainer team who have been the industry leaders for many years.

Visit our Wella Studio Prague:

Tomori utca 32, 1138, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest most certainly features one of the most modern Wella studios that has hosted many local and international guests and events.

Visit our Wella Studio Budapest:

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is our most recent location where a new Wella Studio was opened to provide our haidressers with world class haidressing training facilities and the latest training programmes.

Visit our Wella Studio Bratislava:


We operate 3 local supply distribution centers in the Baltics, one in each country located in Tallinn, Estonia, Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania. The goal is to provide fast and flexible local solutions with a close collaboration between all 3 warehouses. We are not only able to stock on average a 3 month supply with a healthy stock rotation but also manage lightning fast deliveries within 24 hours to local hair salons, hairdressers and retail stores. For the hairdressing industry this is a major competitive advantage versus the competition.

And 1 central DC is based in Prague, Czech Republic that serves the Central Europe markets: Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. Here the goal is to have a large capacity and fast movements of large scale orders accross the region but still to be able to serve local level haidression salons and even individual haidressers.













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